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API Documentation
Last Updated: November, 2013


Duda has a platform that takes existing desktop sites and converts them to mobile sites, which usually takes less than 10 seconds. Here you will find information about the DudaMobile API (DudaOne API coming soon) which allows you to: Create Sites, Create Sub-Accounts*, Sign users into the account (via SSO), Access Site Analytics, and pull an updated list of supported mobile user agents. Using the API you can integrate these options into your own platform, instead of having to log into Duda directly.


You can find your API credentials inside of your Duda Account settings, under API Access. You first must request access to the API, which Duda must approve. After being approved (you will be notified by email when this happens), you will receive your API password via email and you can find your username in the API Access section. Please keep the API Username and Password safe, as anyone with this information can access your account.


The DudaAPI is free for anyone to access and use. You should take note of the payments section as we currently do not offer free ad-supported sites created via the API.


The DudaAPI limits access to certain resources depending on your account type. For example, access to any account level resource is limited to DudaWhite partners only, as they are the only ones that can have sub-accounts under their existing account. Duda has three account types: Regular, DudaDesign and DudaWhite. Below is a list of which resources each has access to:

API resourceRegularDudaDesignDudaWhite
Create Site x x x
Delete Site x x x
Publish Site x x x
Un-Publish Site x x x
Stats & Analytics x x x
Create Preview Links x x x
Recreate Site x x x
Create Before & After Preview link x x
Create Sub-account x
Grant and revoke sub-account access to sites x
Log sub-accounts into branded editor via SSO x


For any questions about the Duda API, please email: api@dudamobile.com. To ensure the most accurate and best responses, please email this address only. If you're having issues with a certain call, please provide us with the URI you are trying to access, the JSON data, what is being returned and any other information that is relevant.