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DudaAPI Payments & Publishing

Payments for site usage

The first time you publish a site is when you will begin to pay for the site. You will be charged $6 and start a new monthly subscription, automatically upon publish. In order to accomplish this you must have set up a payment profile with Duda. If you have paid Duda in the past, this will be automatically done. If you have not, you can set this up from inside of the API page in your account settings. DudaMobile currently does not offer free sites created via the API.

In order to cancel a subscription, you must login to the Duda dashboard and cancel the subscription in the manage site section. Canceling the subscription will remove any sub-user access you have granted. Deleting (which can be done via the API) a site will also cancel any active subscription associated with the site.

If you attempt to publish a site and have not set up a payment source, the following error message will be returned:

   "message":"Billing information missing"

White Label Publish Customization

Duda allows you to customize the end-user publish flow. By customizing the publish flow, we allow you to choose how and when you charge your users. If you do not customize the publish flow, you will be charged when your user first publishes a site, as noted above. Our goal is to give you the most flexibility in converting new users.

You can customize the publish flow from in your Duda account settings, under the API Access section.

Customize First Publish

We allow you to change the title, text, button text, and the URL where the button leads the user. If you customize the publish button, it will link the user to a URI of your choice instead of publishing the site and charging you. On the link, a few extra parameters are added so when the user is returned to your endpoint URI, you know who they are. The following parameters are added to the URI:

Site NamesitenameUnique site name referencing a site on the Duda platform
Account NameaccountnameSub-account name provided when creating account under master DudaWhite account
Original Site URLoriginalurlThe original desktop URL provided to Duda to create the mobile site.
External UIDexternal_uidThe external UID of the site provided to Duda when creating or updating the site.

The format of the URL will be as follows:

<your URI endpoint>?sitename={unique_site_name}&accountname={sub_account_name}&originalurl={desktop_url}&external_uid={external UID provided to Duda}

By customizing the publish page, you are disabling the normal publish action. When the user comes to your endpoint, you should be publishing the site, via the API, before returning the customer to the editor. This will allow them to progress past the publish step to setup the redirect.

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