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How to Use the DudaMobile REST API

In order to use DudaMobile REST API you need to request access for the DudaMobile API access via your Account Settings. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email with your API password and you will be able to access all other credentials via your account settings.

The DudaMobile API security is implemented with Basic Authentication over HTTPS secured protocol. Send your user credentials in a preemptive manner - Some HTTP clients omit the authentication header, and make a second request with the header when they get a 401 Unauthorized response. Please make sure you send the credentials directly to avoid unnecessary requests.

The API endpoint will be: https://api.dudamobile.com/api/

You will then add the corresponding resource URI after the API endpoint URL. For example, if you wanted to retrieve information about a site, you would:

GET https://api.dudamobile.com/api/sites/unique_site_name

Sending and Receiving Data

All requests will be sent and received in standard JSON representation, we do not support any other format of transmitting data.