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Testing & Development

Testing & Development with DudaAPI

All testing and development should be done within your Duda live account and credentials. We currently do not have a sandbox or testing environment to test accounts with. While this is the case, we realize there are many circumstances where you will want to publish a site but not have to pay Duda for it. Due to this, we have created a parameter you can pass during testing to ensure that you will not be charged for the site upon publish.

While implementing the API, if you would like to publish the site and not be charged, you can publish with the parameter: ?test=true on the publish URI. This will make your publish URI would look like:

POST /sites/publish/{site_name}?test=true

When you publish the site, it will be published as a FREE site. This means all premium features will be removed (such as click-to-call, mobile maps, etc..) and there will be Duda advertisement banners on the top & bottom of the site. You should not use this site for live users. In the future, you can unpublish the site and publish the site again without the test parameter to pay for that site as normal.