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What's best for my business?

From the moment the first smartphone rolled off the production line, business owners have been trying to answer one question - Should I get a mobile app or a mobile website? While there are pros and cons to both approaches, the winner for most small and medium-sized businesses is clear. Mobile websites are simply better at fostering customer engagement and driving sales.

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The difference is clear

Mobile Apps

Download Required

An app needs to be installed before your customers have a chance to engage with it. However, once downloaded, it only takes
one click to open up your app.

Mobile Websites

Instant Access

Mobile sites appear in internet searches, like on Google and Bing, and can be used immediately by your customers.


In-depth Engagement

Apps allow for high functionality, which enables customers to complete complex task, like managing an account or tracking payments.

Immediate Action

Mobile websites do an outstanding job of pushing customers to take some sort of immediate action, like calling the business.



Mobile apps cost between $3-8K and some app stores even charge extra fees to make it available for download.

Cost Effective

Creating a mobile website with DudaMobile is only $7.20/mo with the purchase of an annual plan.


Programming Needed

Apps require a level of programming knowledge beyond most small business owners and can take time to create.

Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

Building a mobile website is surprisingly easy and can be done in minutes by converting your desktop site or starting with a template.


If you need something with high functionality, and have the budget, a mobile app may be just the ticket. Apps work particularly well for businesses with very high and recurring customers engagement, like a bank. However, every business should have a mobile website. This is because mobile sites are simple to create, cost-effective, great at driving sales and, most importantly, can be found in internet searches by your customers. In short- maybe you need a mobile app, but you definitely need a mobile website.

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Why do I need a mobile site?

The truth is, your regular desktop website just doesn’t cut it on the small screen of a smartphone. In fact, 80% of potential customers who visit a site on their smartphone will leave immediately if they have a poor user experience. The best way to capture these customers is to create an outstanding mobile website that puts all the information your customers are looking for front and center with clear call-to-action buttons like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps.

Is it hard to make a mobile website?

Not at all. Creating a mobile website is surprisingly easy and can be all wrapped up in just a few minutes. If you already have a desktop site, all you need is to enter its URL into DudaMobile’s patented mobile website builder. In no time, we’ll give show you an mobile-optimized version of your site that you can customize to your liking with our incredibly simple drag-and-drop editor.

Can I create a mobile website for free?

Absolutely. DudaMobile offers a Basic mobile website plan that is completely free. However, a Premium plan is only $7.20/mo and gives you access to all of Duda’s powerful business driving features, like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps..

How can I create an effective mobile website for my business?

The most important thing to consider when creating a mobile website is usability. Smartphone customers aren’t just browsing the web aimlessly. They’re looking to take some kind of action, like making a phone call to a business or finding directions to a store location. This means mobile sites should be as simple to navigate as possible and make all the information your customers are looking for readily available. Adding DudaMobile Premium features, like Click-to-Call, Business Hours and Mobile Maps, ensures your customers are getting the user experience they require when visiting your mobile site.

What if I don’t have a desktop website to convert?

DudaMobile has tons of mobile websites templates to choose from that are specifically designed businesses like yours. If you don’t want to start entirely from scratch and have a Facebook business page, you can enter it the same way you would a website URL into Duda’s platform to import all its content (like images and your business’ info).

Are your mobile website templates free?

Yes. Just like when you convert a desktop website, you can start your site for free, and then choose whether you want to publish it under a Basic or Premium plan. However, if you already have a desktop site, we highly recommend you start by converting it to mobile, since this will keep you from having to manually import all your information (phone number, address, etc.) and content (images, text, etc.).

How do I develop a mobile app?

There are a couple ways to go about creating an app, but generally it starts with finding a developer. From there, it’s a lot of brainstorming to figure out exactly what functionality your app needs to have. Then comes design work, and finally coding. The simplest of apps generally take between 2-4 weeks, and, of course, as complexity increases so does production time.

How much does a mobile app developer cost?

Prices can run the gamut, but the average is between $3-8K.

Do I need to develop a mobile app for every mobile platform? (IOS, Android, etc)

Essentially, yes. The different mobile platforms are so varied that for an app to be downloaded and perform properly, it needs to be uniquely designed for each operating system.

Do I need a mobile website or a mobile app?

The short answer- some businesses need mobile apps, but everyone needs a mobile website.
Mobile apps provide a lot of functionality that can be useful if your customers have relatively complex needs, like if they have to manage an account or track payments of some kind. However, mobile sites are simple to create, cost-effective, great at driving sales and, most importantly, can be found in internet searches by your customers. So it’s important that even if an app makes sense for your business, you have a mobile website too.

Can I create a mobile website using my Facebook page?

Yes! If you have Facebook business page, you can enter its URL the same way you would a normal desktop site, and use one of Duda’s templates to create a brand new mobile-friendly website.

Do people search for businesses on the app store?

Not really. Searches for small businesses generally occur on search engines like Google and Bing. Most customers don’t pull up Apple’s Apps Store to find a pizza place or tire shop.

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