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Sign up today and pay $99 (This is a one-time fee and includes your first month's subscription).
After the first month you will be billed a subscription fee of $19.95/month

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A ProStores™ trained staff will contact you to build a mobile version of your store with your specific direction and design requirements.

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With a Duda powered Mobile Storefront, your mobile visitors can now buy direct on their phones.

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Read what ProStores™ merchants have to say about DudaMobile

My web store used to be cumbersome for customers because it wasn’t optimized for a mobile phone. DubaMobile offered painless implementation; it ported well from my web store; and the results were very good.

Owner: Steve K.
Website: www.stepanistyle.com

Thanks to DudaMobile, we have seen a 50% increase in mobile conversions in the last 3 months, and our informal polling of customers shows a larger percentage of them calling in.
DudaMobile’s click-to-call feature is huge. We have a great conversion rate – 60 to 70% -- with people calling in. It’s the most important feature of the mobile store.

Owner: Todd Walbridge
Website: www.tuxedo-tshirts-online.com

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Actual mobilized ProStores™ merchant websites


  • Q: How will mobile phone users reach the mobile version of my ProStores™ website?

    A: When we build your mobile storefront, a snippet of code is added to your regular ProStores™ site that automatically redirects users arriving from any mobile device to the mobile version of your site.

  • Q: Which mobile devices are supported by the mobile website?

    A: The mobile website works on all major Smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and many Blackberry models.

  • Q: What happens if I want to cancel the mobile version of my ProStores™ site?

    A: Simply e-mail us at prostores-support@dudamobile.com   and we will remove the mobile version of your ProStores™ website and stop billing subsequent monthly charges to you. You will have the mobile service available until the end of your monthly billing cycle if you choose to turn your mobile site back on during that month.

  • Q: Is a Duda powered Mobile Storefront different from a regular ProStores™ site?

    A: The mobile storefront powered by DudaMobile is not different from the regular store. It is simply a mobile optimized view of your store. Any updates you make to your ProStores™ website will automatically appear in your mobile site.

  • Q: What do I have to do to mobilize my ProStores™ site?

    A: Once you successfully purchase a mobile website, a ProStores™ technical staff will work with you to setup your mobile site.

  • Q: How long will it take for my ProStores™ website to be mobilized once I order it?

    A: Generally it will take no more than one business day for us to setup your new mobile website from the time of your order.

  • Q: What happens if I update my ProStores™ catalog? Will the mobile version change as well?

    A: Yes, the mobile version of your ProStores™ site automatically stays in-sync with your regular site and its content.

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