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Introducing Duda’s New Responsive Website Builder

responsive website builderFor the past 10 months, our amazing product team essentially stopped the presses so they could focus on one thing. It wasn’t a new feature. It wasn’t a new template design. It wasn’t even so they could fix bugs. No. It was for a much, much bigger reason than any of those. We put almost everything on hold so we could rebuild Duda’s responsive website builder in a way that would make site building faster, the user experience more intuitive and, ultimately, you a more successful web professional. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to your new Duda website. Let’s dive in. (more…)

Facebook React
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Why React Was the #1 Choice for Our New Website Builder

Facebook ReactWe’re Using React – And We’ve Got a New Website Builder to Show for It!

Big things are happening here at Duda. In a few days, we’ll be launching a brand new version of our responsive website editor, one that’s faster and sleeker than before. Our new editor has all the same capabilities as the old one, along with plenty of new functionalities, a shiny new interface, and a world of possibilities. (more…)

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Duda Versus The Top 3 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

duda_plugin_vs_wordpress_2As a web designer or agency owner, time and experience have likely taught you that designing websites for small businesses does not mean it’s a small job.

As algorithms and online search habits have changed, web designers have had to be even more conscientious of how to design sites that have the potential to do well on Google and convert customers better.

It’s no easy task.

And if you’re designing on a CMS platform like WordPress, there is often more troubleshooting involved than we’d like in things that should be simple. I would know. I’ve worked with and built many websites using WordPress, so I know the hiccups that sometimes come with WP.

Something like adding and designing a contact form for various pages can add up to a lot more time than expected.

With that being said, WordPress has some easy-to-use contact forms plugins. Today, I’ll list the top three options available and how they stack up to Duda’s built-in contact form. (more…)

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What Else Needs to Happen For Website Personalization to Be On Every Site

website_personalization_to_be_on_every_siteIf you remember watching Cheers on TV, you’ll know that one of the best parts of the show was the theme song at the beginning. The song was “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” and it even made it to the billboard charts. In a nutshell, the song reflected the show’s general feel-good feeling: that life is nicer when there is a place you can visit, every day or every now and then, where people greet you by name.

Fast forward to the internet in 2016, and there are few places that people visit where they are known by name. The personal touch that was part and parcel of Cheers simply doesn’t exist on the internet. I mean, Facebook may greet you when you log in, but your average website does not. (more…)

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Google & Duda Webinar: Adaptive Web Design Best for Sky-High Conversion

by-device_adwords_2If you’re providing Google AdWords as a service to your clients, you’re probably more than aware of recent changes in the platform regarding the text format of ads and a new by-device bidding system (which you should be taking full advantage of). But did you know that it could all be for nothing if you’re not leveraging adaptive web design (the ability to customize sites by device type instead of just reformatting for screen size) to maximize conversion on your landing pages? To tell you all about it and lay out some best practices, the guys from Google sat in on a webinar with Duda.


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3 Things Web Designers Need to Know About SEO

Designers_Need_to_Know_About_SEOKeywords just ain’t what they used to be. These magical arrangements of Latin characters (or Cyrillic, if that’s your thing) used to be your golden ticket to a high rank in a search results page. And they’re still important (this blog post is packed full of them), but there are a lot more things to take into consideration. And we’re not just talking about how Google is now looking for good long-form content that puts keywords in context either. Nope. The search engine-in-chief has started looking at other aspects of the user experience too, and you can bet they’re going to start doing it a lot more.

Here’s what you need to know. (more…)

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18 Blogs to Read When Growing Your Digital Agency

18_blogs_to_readStarting and growing your digital agency is tough. Whether you’re going at it alone or you manage a small team, there’s a lot to learn and even more to keep up with.

In hopes of saving you a bit of time and helping you find a new go-to resource, we wanted to put together a list of the best blogs to follow that will help inspire you as a business owner. (more…)

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Four (More) Cheap Photoshop Alternatives Worth Considering

It’s estimated that the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text.

With that stat in mind, it’s clear that images are an important part of any marketing strategy whether you’re creating them for your own business or as part of your agency’s marketing services.

For many people, their first choice for image creation and editing is Photoshop.

Now, I’ll be honest with you — I think Photoshop is amazing. I know a lot of people that use the software to create amazing visual graphics, edit photos they took to create something stunning and much more.

But let’s face it:

Photoshop has a steep learning curve. I personally know the bare minimum, and even that description may be pushing the limits of my competence with the program.

So when I need to create an appealing image for a blog post or social media, spending time with Photoshop (PS) really isn’t the best option for me when I’m in a hurry.

Creating images is not something I take lightly. A photo can either help or hinder a click from social channels or even keep someone from sharing when they read through our blog.

Thankfully, there are a lot of alternatives to PS, and even options for creating visual content specifically for social media.

If you’re looking for a free, inexpensive or faster image editing software, then here are some other choices you should consider. (more…)

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Special Webinar with Google AdWords™ Team & Duda: Updates & Landing Pages

Adwords-webinar_blogThe Google AdWords service has recently made a few changes to its ad formats and introduced separate bidding for desktop, tablet and mobile. So to make sure that you’re in the know, we’re joining forces with the Google AdWords team so you can get any and all questions answered about these updates during a special webinar, straight from the horse’s mouth. We’ll also talk about best practices for responsive landing pages to go along with the new by-device bidding!

The webinar will take place on August 17, 2016, at 11am and will feature special guests Cody Zimmer, Duda’s Manager of Education, and Patrick Tam, Strategic Partner Manager. (more…)