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enhanced campaigns
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New Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Update Makes Mobile a Must For Small Business Advertising

If you haven’t heard the news already, Google is making some big changes to their widely used search engine marketing (SEM) advertising platform AdWords, which will come into effect starting July 22. Enhanced Campaigns, the upgraded version of AdWords, will have a big impact on how advertisers will need to think about their advertising strategies….

mobile ads
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Duda Data: Mobile Ads Drive Customers & Calls to Sites

This past year we launched our newest addition to DudaMobile – Mobile Advertising Solutions! With it’s booming success, we’ve been able to connect the on-the-go customer with businesses through mobile ads. At a lower cost than desktop advertising, mobile ads have a higher call through rate which helps new business build a clientele, quickly. We’ve started to…

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Watch DudaMobile on Fox Business News this Sunday, Nov. 18th

This Sunday, November 18th at 11:30am PST, DudaMobile will be featured on the Fox Business News channel. The episode aims to highlight how mobile websites built on DudaMobile are making an impact within the restaurant industry. With over 30% of all restaurant searches done on mobile devices, mobile websites are becoming an important way restaurants…

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This Mobile Train is Moving Fast

It’s hard to believe that, only a year ago, any discussion around mobile was focused nearly 100% on apps. Apps were exciting, sexy and fun to play with. We had Angry Birds, Instagram and the latest release of Facebook. But over the course of the year, a very subtle but noticeable thing started to happen. While…