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Duda and the Year For Speed at the WHD Conference

The topic of website speed is nothing new to those of us who have been in this industry for some time. However, this theme has made a comeback over the past few months. The subject of mobile speed has been brought into focus, in particular, and is now front and center in the resurgence of talk about page…

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Building Awesome inSites For Our Website Builder

So I’m a developer. And as such, I always look for ways to build my own stuff. It’s great that the internet is full of services that make things easy but isn’t it more fun to use all the advanced features of those services? In fact, I find more and more that services that do…

DudaOne's new Developer Mode gives users increased flexibility and control.
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Deep Dive to Duda’s New Developer Mode

Last week, we released our new Developer Mode for DudaOne. In this post, I want to share how we decided to develop this feature, what it can do and some of the future developments we’re considering. I’d also love to get your opinions on some of those plans in the comments section – so stay…

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Top 5 Hidden Features In Duda

I’m a big fan of the Big Lebowski movie. And even after watching the movie many times, I still find new hidden jokes I didn’t realize before. Like this one.