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Google AMP Web Standard and What it Means for Web Designers

Recently, Google released their new web standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). With this, Google is looking to drastically speed up the load times of mobile web pages, especially when linked to from search results. The standard is a bold implementation and effort to push websites to provide users with results, faster. This blog post…

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Answers to the 3 Biggest Questions About Google’s Mobile SEO Update

Starting April 21, Google will begin taking mobile-friendliness into account as a factor in search rankings. At this point, you may recall that Google already has been adding labels to sites that are mobile-friendly and warning people about the dangers of adding content to a site that won’t work on a mobile device (think Flash), but…

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Advanced Website Personalization with inSite’s JavaScript action

A few months back, Duda released a new inSite action called JavaScript. This allows you to embed some custom JavaScript into your website when a certain set of visitor conditions is met. What exactly does this mean? First let’s review the terminology and then we’ll go into some great examples of use cases for this…

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Introducing Users and Permissions

Today, we released the latest improvement to our DudaPro program: Users and Permissions. This change is a big step forward in enabling teams to work more efficiently while they build sites for their clients.

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Setting Up Webmaster Tools on Your Duda Site

When taking a site live for the first time it’s important to think about how to improve SEO, so one of the first actions you take should be submitting the site to Google Webmaster Tools. In my experience, this is often an overlooked step by many.

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What is SSO?

Have you ever logged into one website and have been automatically logged into a different, but related, service automatically? Or you log in to one service to get access to another?

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Intro to Duda’s HTML Editor

If you’re not familiar with Duda’s HTML editor, you should be. While it is an advanced feature of the platform, knowing how to utilize it can be a huge benefit to your site building skills.

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3 Responsive Web Design Tips to Consider Before Building Your Site

Choices made during the initial designing and brainstorming of a website are among the most important decisions you make. Many web designers get stuck with limitations because of the decisions that are made early on. To help avoid pitfalls and bad choices, make sure you follow these three responsive web design recommendations early on:

Duda's new support portal!
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Introducing DudaMobile’s New and Improved Support Portal

Our DudaMobile Customer Support Portal gets a lot of traffic – about 27,000 page views per month, but you might have noticed that it needed an update.  So, we’ve given our support portal a new look and added some great features that make finding exactly what you’re looking for even easier.

support hours
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Holiday Support Hours – We’re here to help!

Planning on taking advantage of your holiday time off to work on your mobile website? Great idea! In case you get stuck while making your site look great during the holidays, our Tech Support Team will be on hand through email to answer any questions you may have. Tech Support will be answering email only on Sunday, December…