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Join Duda’s Next Webinar to Learn Customer Conversion Boosting Strategies

Increasing your website’s traffic is one of the most surefire ways to boost customer conversion. After all, it’s simple logic that the more customers you have the more likely your overall revenue will go up. However, this often takes not-so-small investments in advertising and SEO strategies, which leaves many wondering if there’s a way to…

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DudaMobile API Unveiled

The week we announced our latest blockbuster, DudaAPI. Our new API opens up functionality that was previously unavailable to our partners and developers. Now you can integrate Duda into your own website to automate actions such as creating mobile sites, accounts, providing analytics and more.

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Hackathon: The Origin of DudaWhite

It all started with an intense Hackathon. The entire Duda research family gathered together under one roof for a weekend without sleep or any contact with the outside world. Our mission was to conceive the next big step for our company. Stocked with enough food to feed a small country, we got comfortable and let…

Rockin' Mobile Site with Rockin' Features
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3 Rockin’ Not-So-Secret Design Features

We don’t keep secrets from you, promise. Which is why I thought I’d unveil some of Duda’s not-so-secret design elements that’ll take your site’s quality to a whole new level…in seconds. These aren’t just any ol’ features that I’m trying to bring into the spotlight, these are my three most favorite, go-to design features that…

People Love Us On Yelp!
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Are You Yelp-Friendly?

Is your business on Yelp? If not, it should be! Even a sports memorabilia store I used to work at is on Yelp. Having reviews on Yelp lends a lot of trust and credibility to your business. According to a survey done by Local Consumer Review Surveys, 72% of Consumers trust online reviews as much…