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Words From the Web: Statistics from Mobilegeddon, SEO Strategies, and the Perennial Design Trend

And our series continues! As part of a Duda’s “Words From the Web” series, I’ve cultivated a few of the most relevant and important articles that you may have missed from the past week from across the responsive web design blogosphere. This week we take a look at web design trends, SEO practices and some…

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New Stats About Small Businesses Every Website Reseller Should Know: Part 1

It’s an interesting time in the web design industry. Responsive design is on the rise, eCommerce adoption is expanding and website personalization, once reserved for large enterprises, is just starting to become available to the masses. These trends are pretty easily observed by those of us that spend every day chest-deep in HTML5 and JavaScript….

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Duda Data: Mobile Ads Drive Customers & Calls to Sites

This past year we launched our newest addition to DudaMobile – Mobile Advertising Solutions! With it’s booming success, we’ve been able to connect the on-the-go customer with businesses through mobile ads. At a lower cost than desktop advertising, mobile ads have a higher call through rate which helps new business build a clientele, quickly. We’ve started to…

DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan
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Duda CEO Muses On Mobile

In a contributed article on Mobile Entertainment, Itai Sadan, DudaMobile co-founder and CEO, talks about how big companies like Amazon and eBay led the mobile web charge years ago and why smaller businesses now need to catch up. Read the full article on Why Local Businesses Must Go Mobile right here. In the article, Itai writes…

TechCrunch says...
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TechCrunch Says: Mobile Ads Work!

TechCrunch just reported how tablet and smartphone users are more engaged with mobile ads. Their proof? By flipping through the 70 page report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, TechCrunch writer Ingrid Lunden was able to drill down three main reasons why mobile ads perform so well. Check out the three highlights from the article, The…

1&1 Internet Study: Faulty Websites Turn Off Customers
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5 Reasons Your Website Sucks

Step into your consumer mindset for a moment. You’re online and you visit XYZ’s company website. Why? You need information. You want to buy something. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them and want to figure out what they do. Who knows. When you get to their website, it’s not working right for various reasons….