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18 Blogs to Read When Growing Your Digital Agency

18_blogs_to_readStarting and growing your digital agency is tough. Whether you’re going at it alone or you manage a small team, there’s a lot to learn and even more to keep up with.

In hopes of saving you a bit of time and helping you find a new go-to resource, we wanted to put together a list of the best blogs to follow that will help inspire you as a business owner. (more…)

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Four (More) Cheap Photoshop Alternatives Worth Considering

It’s estimated that the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text.

With that stat in mind, it’s clear that images are an important part of any marketing strategy whether you’re creating them for your own business or as part of your agency’s marketing services.

For many people, their first choice for image creation and editing is Photoshop.

Now, I’ll be honest with you — I think Photoshop is amazing. I know a lot of people that use the software to create amazing visual graphics, edit photos they took to create something stunning and much more.

But let’s face it:

Photoshop has a steep learning curve. I personally know the bare minimum, and even that description may be pushing the limits of my competence with the program.

So when I need to create an appealing image for a blog post or social media, spending time with Photoshop (PS) really isn’t the best option for me when I’m in a hurry.

Creating images is not something I take lightly. A photo can either help or hinder a click from social channels or even keep someone from sharing when they read through our blog.

Thankfully, there are a lot of alternatives to PS, and even options for creating visual content specifically for social media.

If you’re looking for a free, inexpensive or faster image editing software, then here are some other choices you should consider. (more…)

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Special Webinar with Google AdWords™ Team & Duda: Updates & Landing Pages

Adwords-webinar_blogThe Google AdWords service has recently made a few changes to its ad formats and introduced separate bidding for desktop, tablet and mobile. So to make sure that you’re in the know, we’re joining forces with the Google AdWords team so you can get any and all questions answered about these updates during a special webinar, straight from the horse’s mouth. We’ll also talk about best practices for responsive landing pages to go along with the new by-device bidding!

The webinar will take place on August 17, 2016, at 11am and will feature special guests Cody Zimmer, Duda’s Manager of Education, and Patrick Tam, Strategic Partner Manager. (more…)

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Mobilegeddon 2 Hit. Here’s How It’s Impacting Small Businesses [Infographic]

Just when we like to think we know how to play nice with Google, she goes pulls a fast one on us.

That’s what happened back in 2015 when the first Mobilegeddon update hit and we were all left scrambling as we tried to understand how to get back on Google’s good side with mobile-friendly design.

And while the Mobilegeddon 2.0 that rolled out this year wasn’t as earth-shaking as the original update, the algorithm has really doubled down on its original initiate.

That is, to make sure websites were tailored for mobile browsing and rewarding responsive sites in mobile search rankings while dropping the ranking of those who have yet to make the change.

Since this 2.0 roll out, we were curious as to how small business would be impacted by this update refresh and the numbers we found were quite interesting.


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Odin APS Package Now Available for Duda

Odin_APS_Blog_PostFor the past few months, Duda has been working hard on building an APS package. Now, a lot of you might be asking, what does that mean? If you’re a hosting company, you probably already know. But in case you’re not, or just unsure of exactly what that means, let’s break it down.


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Duda Partners with Let’s Encrypt to Provide Free SSL Certificates

Blog_SSLNo car manufacturer today would make you pay extra for doors that come with locks, so why should you have to pay extra for a website that’s secure? You shouldn’t. There is no discernible reason why that should be acceptable. But up until now, this was something that was complicated to implement and (*gasp*) cost extra! However, we’re happy to announce that now neither of those are a problem, as we have sponsored and integrated with the Let’s Encrypt project.

We’re making SSL certificates available to every paid Duda responsive website at no extra cost. Here’s what you need to know.

20 Experts
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20 Experts on How Website Personalization Affects Conversion

20 ExpertsHave you considered using website personalization to increase conversions on your website?

From special sale popups to inviting a mobile user to stop by since they are in the area, there are dozens of ways you can personalize your website to your user based on a variety of factors.

But does website personalization get results?

We decided to ask the experts, and here’s what they had to say about how website personalization affects conversions.


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Why Award-Winning Integrated Marketing Agency Conscious Commerce Switched to Duda

Blog_conscious-commerceConscious Commerce is an award-winning integrated marketing agency that, over the past several months, has moved almost all of its clients to Duda. In fact, Duda is the core of Conscious Commerce’s integrated platform, which gives clients an enriched business model for engagement.

Company founder and CEO Brandon Klayman credits Duda’s easy-to-use responsive website builder with enabling his clients to spend more time on their marketing strategies and less time worrying about technical issues.

We spoke with Brandon to hear about how Duda fits into his integrated offerings. Here’s what he had to say. (more…)

Mobilegeddon 2.0 Update
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“Play It Again, Google” — Mobilegeddon 2 Is Happening [Webinar Replay]

Mobilegeddon 2.0 UpdateLast year, the good people over at Google decided that, for the first time, mobile-friendliness was going to become a ranking signal in their mobile search algorithm. Basically, this meant sites that were optimized for mobile devices would be favored in search results over sites that were not.

This shift in approach was deemed Mobilegeddon, and it caused a pretty big uproar across the web.

And now the big “G” has decided to take this one step further and is increasing the penalty on mobile-unfriendly sites.

Here’s what you need to know. (more…)