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Google AMP Web Standard and What it Means for Web Designers

Recently, Google released their new web standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). With this, Google is looking to drastically speed up the load times of mobile web pages, especially when linked to from search results. The standard is a bold implementation and effort to push websites to provide users with results, faster. This blog post…

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Words From the Web: Statistics from Mobilegeddon, SEO Strategies, and the Perennial Design Trend

And our series continues! As part of a Duda’s “Words From the Web” series, I’ve cultivated a few of the most relevant and important articles that you may have missed from the past week from across the responsive web design blogosphere. This week we take a look at web design trends, SEO practices and some…

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A Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly SEO Changes and What They Mean to You

By now, you’ve probably heard the big news regarding mobile search and Google. At the end of February, Google announced they would be altering mobile search results to rank mobile-friendly sites significantly higher. Consequently, this means websites that are not mobile-friendly will see a severe negative impact on their site ranking and organic traffic.

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Hackathon: The Origin of DudaWhite

It all started with an intense Hackathon. The entire Duda research family gathered together under one roof for a weekend without sleep or any contact with the outside world. Our mission was to conceive the next big step for our company. Stocked with enough food to feed a small country, we got comfortable and let…

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Mobile Website of the Week: Milestone Lawyer

This week’s Mobile Website of the Week winner argued it’s case for their site’s excellent mobile web design… and won! Congratulations to Milestone Lawyer, your mobile website is professional and abides by the laws of mobile website design. Regular Website Mobile Website What Did We Like About This Mobile Website? Clean Colors – We couldn’t get enough…