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TechCrunch says...
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TechCrunch Says: Mobile Ads Work!

TechCrunch just reported how tablet and smartphone users are more engaged with mobile ads. Their proof? By flipping through the 70 page report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, TechCrunch writer Ingrid Lunden was able to drill down three main reasons why mobile ads perform so well. Check out the three highlights from the article, The…

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Forbes: Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site?

DudaMobile talked to Forbes.com about why all small businesses, including gas stations, need a mobile-friendly website. Reporter Gene Marks, who also owns a consulting firm geared toward helping small businesses grow, writes that even he was surprised when he discovered that his local gas station has a mobile-friendly website. Read the full story here: http://onforb.es/LHzG3Y. Well,…

Website Magazine: DudaMobile is among the Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers
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Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers

Website Magazine says DudaMobile is moving and shaking! We were recently ranked number three on their annual list of Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers. In the article, the editor writes that mobile is all about “the power given to consumers and the experience that is created thanks to these devices.” Businesses should take note…

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SMB Data: Who is leading mobile?

Something we know about the mobile web: Less than 10% of businesses actually have a mobile site. We wanted to find out who these businesses are, so we turned to DudaMobile data to analyze small- and medium-sized businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites. From this analysis comes The Mobile Movement Leaderboard, a ranking of the…

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Duda Jazzes Up Social Share

Let me introduce you to Dickie Doo BBQ. (You may remember them as Mobile Site of the Week.) We can’t get enough of this site — their name, that cute little pig, the fact that their mobile site has serious sass. What’s not to love? But the latest reason we love this site is because…