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By Boot Bullwinkle 1 Comment

5 Tips to Get More Web Design Clients

If you sell websites professionally, there’s honestly only one skill that really matters: getting new clients. Sure, there are tons of other abilities that are important (like, I don’t know…being able to design), but at the end of the day, your ability to attract new clients is what’s going to make you money.

By Boot Bullwinkle 1 Comment

How Web Professionals Can Tell a Brand’s Story with Parallax

Storytelling has long been a cornerstone of human communication since the dawn of communication itself. It allows us to share experiences for the purposes of education and entertainment, but more importantly, it allows us to form an emotional connection around a certain idea. This makes storytelling one of the single most effective ways to communicate…

By DudaMobile 33 Comments

Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps

You probably already have an Internet website and are now considering to create a mobile website. One of the main questions you might be debating with is whether to create a mobile application (app) or a mobile website. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the web regarding the pros and cons of…