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Need help on your mobile website? Call Ben.
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The Support Files: Meet Ben

Slaying the Sandman and fighting off the scourge of morning sleepiness and bad attitudes was a daily thing for Ben Kroll. Before Duda, he worked in a few coffee shops including a classic San Francisco bakery (that shall not be named). Bens coffee shop experience made him an expert in  handing out smiles and quadruple-double-caf-breve-zebra-one-and-a-half-pump-vanilla-pumpkin-gingerbread-lattecinnos, in a tall cup, to…

Why is Candice dressed as a panda? Because she's cute.
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The Support Files: Meet Candice

Once upon a time, Candice Gleason was bumming the streets of her hometown, frequenting local cafes and libraries while working freelance Japanese translating gigs. During her downtime, Candice humored herself (and others) by taking comedy classes. Life was pretty sweet for a Japanese translator like Candice, but something was missing. In search of a Japanese translator…