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Create a mobile website in just a few easy steps. Simply enter your desktop site’s URL and we’ll automatically create its mobile version, completely filled with all of your content.

  • Click-to-Call

    Enables customers to call a business in one click from a mobile device.

  • Maps

    Integrated with Google Maps, provides step-by-step directions to a brick-and-mortar location.

  • Online Scheduling

    Available through vCita, enables customers to schedule appointments on the go.

  • More from Mobile

    "Every revenue source matters when you’re a small business, and Click-to-Call has become a very important factor in converting our site visitors into customers.”

    - Ash Sud, Founder of ZippGo.


    Create a responsive website with no need to code. The DudaOne website builder allows you to import all of the content from an old site into a beautiful new website template that can be customized by device. All of our responsive websites not only look great, but follow Google’s SEO best practices and come with loads of business-driving widgets. 

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    Phoenix-based restaurant,
    The Gladly, cranks up customer conversion by 70 percent
    with Duda’s inSite.

    Read The Gladly Case Study  

  • inSite New

    Create an ultra-personalized user experience with content that changes based on a visitor’s physical location, number of previous site visits, time of day and more. Read More

  • Ecommerce Store New

    Create the perfect, responsive online store to sell your products seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile. Read More

  • Edit by Device

    One of the aspects that sets Duda apart, desktop, tablet and mobile views of a site are all individually customizable.

  • It Pays to be Smart

    “Before DudaOne's inSite, we simply would not have had access to the technology needed to present website visitors with such a personalized experience. The huge increase in engagement we’ve already seen is just astonishing. We can’t wait to offer it to our other customers.”

    -Mike Madigan, Vice President of M-1 Studios

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    The DudaPro Partner Program enables entrepreneurs, designers and agencies of all sizes to create fully responsive and mobile websites without the need to invest in hours of costly development time. Duda's website creator is designed for growth and flexibility to ensure you always have access to the most cutting-edge tools in the web design industry.

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    Complete API Access

    Complete API

    Allows seamless integration of every aspect of the Duda platform including: creating new sites, accessing site previews, logging users into a white label editor, site management functions and analytics per site.

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    White Label Editor

    White Label
    Editor & Tools

    Partners are provided with a complete, white label version of the Duda editor, client dashboard, login page, site preview screens and more.

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    Premium Support

    Priority Support
    Via Phone & Email

    Partners jump to the head of the queue when emailing in to support. Email support is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Phone support is also offered exclusively to partners, Monday-Friday from 3AM-9PM EST.

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