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The Duda Difference

The DudaPro Partner Program enables entrepreneurs, designers and agencies of all sizes, to create fully responsive websites without the need to invest in hours of costly development time. Duda's platform is designed for growth and flexibility to ensure you always have access to the most cutting-edge tools in the web design industry.

Complete API Access


Duda’s inSite feature will set your service apart. This powerful web tool enables you to offer a unique, personalized experience to every customer.

White Label Editor


Leverage Duda’s content import function and drag-and-drop editor to create and customize sites with no need to code.

Premium Support


Access the API to incorporate the power of the platform into your business.

Premium Support

High ROI

Duda enables you to grow your client base with the manpower you have now, and command a higher price for advanced features and services.




The simplicity of Duda’s drag-and-drop editor means the bulk of web design work can be done directly by your creatives without the need to engage your developers.

White Label
Editor & Tools

Partners are provided with an extensive array of white labeled tools including: a full version of the Duda editor; client dashboard and login page; site preview screens and more. All the URLs for these various tools are under the partner’s domain name, and the display of each one is customizable (to match your business’ color scheme, logo, etc.).


Duda offers wholesale pricing with additional discounts for partners with a high volume of sites.
DudaOne: $13/month, $117/year
DudaOne + Store:
100-product: $21/mo, $204/yr
2500-product: $35/month, $348/yr
DudaMobile: $6/month, $60/year

Complete API

Integrate the full power of Duda with your services. Duda’s API allows you to seamlessly incorporate every aspect of the platform including: site previews, stats and analytics, all underneath your customers’ existing credentials via Single Sign-On (SSO).
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High Performance

Duda websites exist to do one thing above all else: turn visitors into customers. This is due to a focus on several areas including: business-driving widgets, modern template designs, application of SEO best practices and use of a reliable, fast CDN.

Content Import

The Duda platform enables you to pull content from a client’s existing site simply by entering their URL. This automatically creates a library of content that you can use to populate the new website.


Hosting is provided by Duda free of charge for all sites built on our platform. No bandwidth or page limit restraints.

Access To
Source Code

Duda allows you complete control with the ability to make sweeping, site-wide changes via the CSS editor or by diving into the HTML5 to fine tune individual elements.


Duda partners have access to comprehensive phone and email support. Phone support hours are Mon.-Fri., 9AM-9PM ET.

Customize By
Device (RESS)

Duda is unique in it’s ability to allow your designers to edit content on desktop, tablet and mobile, individually. This adds significant creative flexibility while maintaining one URL, which is better for SEO.


As a DudaPro owner, you can invite your entire staff to work alongside you in the Duda platform and still maintain control over which features each individual can and can’t access. You decide whether they have full admin rights, access to only one or two features, or anything in between. You can also control how much access your customers have to their sites via your white label editor.

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Duda’s eCommerce solution is fully responsive and creates an optimal shopping experience across desktop, tablet and mobile. Every DudaOne site includes a basic, 10-product store and can be upgraded to add either a 100- or 2500-product store with advanced functionality.

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Developers have the power to decide how deeply they want to integrate with Duda. There are a number of API cases ranging from DudaMobile and DudaOne presale previews to a full-blown, white label integration with DudaOne. Some use cases must be approved by Duda.

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"Spotzer handles more than 1,000 new clients per week, serving some of the world's largest newspaper groups and yellow page publishers. It is our job to know the best tools on the market to create websites, and we continually choose DudaOne in our deployments. No other tool can help us build beautiful-looking responsive sites so quickly and so easily as DudaOne."


Our Products

Duda partners automatically receive access to both DudaOne (responsive site builder) and DudaMobile (mobile-only site builder).

See Features Dudamobile

Create Mobile-Only Sites With
No Need For Dev Work

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Elegant, Flexible and Fully Responsive
Website Builder

Award-Winning Technology

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