Performance, efficiency and elegance are the three key elements that make Duda’s platform unique. Each of the features below support these elements.

Website Architecture

  • Reliable Hosting

    Duda offers free hosting on the industry-leading Amazon Cloud.

  • Site backups

    Create site backups to store the site’s current version. You can then revert back to this version at any time.

  • Global CDN

    Duda hosts static files (images, pdfs, docs, etc..) on a Global Content Delivery Network. This reduces load times for any visitor.

  • Site Duplication

    If you’ve created a site you like, and want to base a new one off its design, you can duplicate the site and then edit it as needed.

  • Custom Domain

    Set up a mobile site with a custom domain, usually m.example.com.

  • Optimized for All Smartphones

    DudaMobile sites work across all smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

  • Analytics

    Duda automatically tracks all stats associated with a site. Accessed via the Duda dashboard, this includes: total site traffic, user engagement and events, traffic source and physical location of site visitors. Google Analytics accounts can also be integrated with the Duda platform.

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