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A website
with inSite

Create a completely personalized customer experience with inSite. This unique Duda feature is what adds the spark of intelligence to your responsive website. You have absolute control over what visitors see based off their physical location, time of day, number of previous visits and more.

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A website is more than just a place customers go to find information; it’s where they go to engage with a business. That’s why every DudaOne site includes widgets like Click-to-Call, Map features, Online Scheduling and eCommerce tools, that make it easy for customers to take action. In fact, 1 in 5 visits to a Duda site results in a phone call to the business.

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Designed for efficiency

DudaOne cuts out the heavy lifting and speeds up build time by enabling you to import content from your old site. A drag-and-drop editor means there’s no need to code, leaving you free to focus on designing the perfect responsive website. For the more tech savvy, DudaOne also provides full access to both the CSS and HTML for absolute flexibility and control.

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Duda pro

Join The Reseller Program

The DudaPro Reseller Program enables you to incorporate the full power of both DudaOne and DudaMobile into your services. Designed for developers, graphic designers, and agencies, resellers are provided with an arsenal of tools to supercharge productivity and margins.

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Complete API Access

Complete API

Allows seamless integration of every aspect of the Duda platform, including: Creating new sites, accessing site previews, logging users into a white label editor, site management functions, and analytics analysis per site.

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White Label Editor

White Label
Editor & Tools

Partners are provided with a complete white label version of the Duda editor, client dashboard, login page, site preview screens, and more.

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Premium Support

Priority Support
Via Phone & Email

Partners jump to the head of the queue when reaching out to support. Email support is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Phone support is offered exclusively to partners, Monday-Friday from 9AM-9PM EST.

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"Spotzer handles more than 1,000 new clients per week, serving some of the world's largest newspaper groups and yellow page publishers. It is our job to know the best tools on the market to create websites, and we continually choose DudaOne in our deployments. No other tool can help us build beautiful-looking responsive sites so quickly and so easily as DudaOne."


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